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DIXON MILES ROAD ROAD S T U A R T H I G H W A Y JESSOP 38 2.58ha 63 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 55 16 2850m2 15 2460m2 14 2460m2 13 2460m2 12 2460m2 11 2460m2 10 2460m2 2 3280m2 1 4040m2 3 3280m2 4 3280m2 5 3280m2 6 3280m2 7 3280m2 8 3240m2 37 5410m2 36 2910m2 35 2300m2 34 2300m2 33 2300m2 24 3310m2 23 2480m2 22 2340m2 21 2340m2 20 2340m2 19 2340m2 18 2340m2 17 2120m2 30 2520m2 2720m2 2500m2 2060m2 2060m2 2060m2 1850m2 2150m2 2310m2 2440m2 29 3730m2 28 2900m2 27 3070m2 26 3240m2 25 3410m2 40 3640m2 41 3040m2 32 2300m2 31 2430m2 9 2170m2 52.59m 44.245m 75.215m 157.2m 48.66m 57.56m 68.5m 51.5m 45.76m 52.335m 68.5m 51.5m 68.5m 51.5m 68.5m 51.5m 68.5m 51.5m 68.5m 51.5m 68.5m 51.825m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 80.14m 47.325m 48.715m 67.06m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 42.315m 45.145m 42.5m 37.315m 42.5m 42.5m 42.5m 42.5m 65.36m 40.385m 42.315m 55.38m 41.54m 55.38m 55.38m 55.38m 55.38m 55.38m 55.595m 41.355m 44.305m 52.79m 82.71m 78.7m 74.695m 70.69m 66.68m 62.675m 58.915m 41.355m 47.9m 29.9m 57.255m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 42.6m 68.345m 47.9m 59.6m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 47.9m 60.75m 60.75m 60.75m 60.75m 37.86m 37.86m 58.805m 37.86m 36.72m 40.03m 48.53m 31.54m 63.08m 40.03m 36.72m 37.86m 60.75m 17.9m 16.375m 70.575m 71.385m 84.79m 65.93m 46.92m 77.61m 17.61m 17.61m 14.675m 55.66m 46.235m 16.29m 17m 17m 187.7m 50.34m 54.245m 58.155m 56.25m 50.09m 50.09m 50.925m 50.09m 50.09m 41.275m 33.94m 41.275m 41.46m 41.46m 41.07m 41.275m 41.275m 37.27m 41.275m 41.275m 41.275m 65.05m 46.815m